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Tips and tricks: how to use your tripsim correctly

New technologies can be hard to understand, we know! Here you can find some tips on how to properly use your tripsim with your device.

First things first: choose your bundle

It's important to choose the right bundle based on your travel itinerary. Keep in mind that our bundles are either 7 or 30 days long. If your trip is longer than 30 days, you can always purchase your eSIM for 30 days, then create an account on our website by using the same email address associated to your purchase. If you paid with an express checkout option such as Apple Pay or Google Pay, use the email address associated with those payment methods to create an account. Once done you will be able to use the "top-up" button as soon as your first bundle is active.

 Click here to create a tripsim account

Now it's time to install your tripsim

Once you purchased your tripsim you will receive a QR code on the order confirmation page, which you can also retrieve from your order confirmation email by clicking on the "View Order" button.

We recommend anyone to follow our step by step installation guides, even if you are tech-savvy. The installation process may be different depending on your device make and model.

Click here to find the installation guide for your device

When you arrive at your destination

To avoid being charged by your aussie carrier, ensure data roaming is set to "OFF" for your primary aussie SIM card. Data roaming should be set to "ON" only for your tripsim otherwise you won't be able to use your data.

All about data roaming settings

Create a tripsim account

Create a tripsim account to manage the data balance of your eSIM and toopup. Remember to use the email address associated with your purchase.

Create a tripsim account

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